Album: Giant of the Mountain (2011)

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Song: Sithis

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Giant of the Mountain was created in late 2008 by Cody Daniels and Randi Matejowsky with an idea to form a musical genre unlike any other. After meeting at a local show they were playing together in November 2010, Chris Dearing from Surgically Impaled joined the group as bass player. Amidst shredding solos, heavy bass lines, odd rhythmic timing, and mind blowing vocals, Giant of the Mountain's eclectic influences of black metal, progressive, death metal, stoner/doom metal come together to create an alluring and enigmatic style that will leave you breathless. Yeti, their debut album, flourished with astonishing melodies and demonic riffs that chill you to the core. With their new self-titled EP, the band has brought their music to an entirely new level. Hitting the Dallas metal scene, Giant of the Mountain has captivated audiences with their ability to recreate the roller coaster of emotions portrayed on their albums. This band will only continue to grow from here and bring their unique vision of music for the world to see.

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